Are Weed Torches Effective and Safe?

Are Weed Torches Effective and Safe?

Farmers also used burning to improve crops for centuries. However, in recent years, weed torches have made their way into the realm of planting. You will use these torches to eradicate weeds rather than pulling them or spraying the fields with pesticides and herbicides.

If this is your first time hearing about weed torch, you might be wondering about its advantages for your yard. We agree that it is important to educate yourself about the device prior to making an investment.

Which takes us to the issue of effectiveness of weed torches. They are indeed! Within a fraction of a second, a weed torch will destroy the cells of a weed, effectively killing it. It is most effective on young, weakly developed weeds, as the weed torch does not hit the root of the weed.

Continue reading to learn about the usefulness of weed torches and the proper way to use them to improve your gardening experience.

How Is Flame Weeding Performed?

Flame weeding is the process of temporarily running a flame over a weed to sufficiently heat the plant tissues to burn them. The objective is not to completely kill the herb, but to destroy enough plant tissue to cause it to die. Flame weeding destroys the weed’s crown, but not the seeds.

Though flame weeding effectively eliminates certain annual weeds, perennial weeds often regrow from the roots left in the soil. Perennial weeds need several treatments at periods every two or three weeks. As for every weeding process, if you repeatedly destroy the tops, the weeds finally succumb and die.

The issue with flame weeding in gardens is that it’s difficult to introduce the weeds to the flame while also exposing the surrounding plants. Using a flame weeder to eliminate weeds that grow after seeds are sown but before seedlings emerge in vegetable gardens. Additionally, you can use it to eradicate weeds between rows.

When is Flame Weeding an Appropriate Method?

Flame weeding is most effective on annual weeds that reach a height of 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5 cm.). To eliminate weeds that emerge around garden barriers and walls, use flame weeders. They are particularly effective at eliminating weeds in sidewalk cracks, and you may also use them to eradicate persistent broadleaf weeds in lawns, when mature lawn grass blades are sheathed. Once you’ve acquired a flame weeder, you’ll ask how you survived without one.

You’ll need to take a few steps to ensure your protection. During dry spells, avoid weeding, and hold the flame away from dead or brown stuff that can catch fire. Certain places prohibit the use of flame weeders; thus, consult with your local fire department before purchasing the devices.

Consider the Following When Purchasing Weed Torches

We’re starting our conversation from the beginning to ensure your comprehension. This way, you will get a sense of the equipment and decide which model to purchase.

Weed torches, often called flamers, come in a torch-like shape. They generate heat by the use of propane. The body is formed by an articulated metallic tube that terminates in a burning top.

Consider the following characteristics while shopping for a cannabis torch:


Weed torches are available at most gardening stores for between $45 and $100. Often guarantee that the kit contains a free extension hose and a gas controller.

However, you may need to purchase an additional propane gas cylinder for $25.

Tank Dimensions

The tank’s height is next on the chart. On the industry, there are two kinds of flamers. The first group involves torches that use a small propane tank that have a shorter burn period, usually about an hour.

The other kind has a larger tank which needs an extension hose, but it is more durable. However, it has limitations based on the scale of the hose and the gardener’s ability to operate when pushing the propane tank.

Thus, it is up to you to determine the appropriate size for your gardening practices.

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Variations of Ignition Switches

The marijuana torch with an ignition key is the simplest to use. It’s straightforward, when the blaze ignites as the light is turned on. The worst aspect is that not all weed torches operate similarly, with some requiring an extra tool to ignite the blaze.

Both designs of flamers are legal to use, but it ultimately comes down to personal choice. For first-time consumers, though, we consider buying versions equipped with an ignition switch.

Time to Burn

How long will it continue to burn? Another critical aspect to consider when purchasing a marijuana torch is the burning power.

As mentioned previously, a larger propane tank results in a longer burning time, but other considerations such as the torch’s tip often affect burning capacity. Although it might seem counterintuitive, a smaller tip burns longer than a larger tip of the same tank capacity.

Additionally, the power environment has an effect on the torch’s overall burning performance. When the flamer is operated at maximum power, it consumes more fuel and burns over a shorter period of time.

The majority of websites have information about the torches’ overall burn time, and you can always take this into account while purchasing cannabis torches.

Size of the Burning Tip

In general, a weed torch with a larger tip easily and efficiently covers a huge weed patch, saving you time. Nonetheless, if burning time is more important than coverage quality, you can invest in a smaller tip.

If you want to use the torch in your backyard greenhouse, choose a tip size of three quarters to one and a half inches. Choose a tip that is two to three inches long when faced with a thick weed patch.

Are you prepared to invest in the right cannabis torch for your specific needs? On that note, let’s explain how to use a cannabis torch properly. It is important to understand the do’s and don’ts while handling this instrument.

How to Use a Weed Torch Correctly?

Cleaning weeds is a gardener’s least favorite task, but it is essential if you want a weed-free yard. We will explore the proper way to remove weeds on your own in this section.

Weed torches generate heat in the plant cells, causing them to rupture. Excessive heat damages the plant roots, causing them to avoid absorbing nutrients and water, ultimately killing the weed.

How to Use a Weed Torch Correctly

This is the role you would perform. It’s a simple task; all you have to do is hold the torch and push the flame over the weeds, which are instantly killed.

We assume that wise words make tasks simpler, so here is some guidance from Tom Lanine, a University of California cannabis specialist. According to him, as a weed’s color switches from shiny to matte, it dies within a few hours.

However, you can enable the weed to compost spontaneously and prevent coming into contact with the soil.

Apart from that, weeds can be eliminated every two or three weeks. The safest time to eradicate weeds is early summer, before the weeds begin to appear. If you burn them in their early stages, you can save resources and use less electricity, as small weeds do not need much heat to grow.

Precautions to Take Before Using a Weed Torch

Working with flamers is not as straightforward as you may believe. You must have those protection concerns in mind. To ensure the proper usage of the cannabis torch, you can obey these measures.

Avoid Weed Torch Use Throughout the Dry Season

To avoid killing weeds during a dry season, often perform this task during the summer and monsoon rains. Never use weed torches on a windy day, since there is a greater risk of fires burning in the yard.

Maintain a Safe Distance from the Flame

Often maintain a safe distance from the flame tip to keep it away from pets and infants. Additionally, the flame tip stays hot long after the torch is switched off, so stop touching it to avoid burning your palm.

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Take Care of the Flame

Whether you’re using an extended hose and a big propane tank, keep them away from the blaze. If this occurs, these components can catch fire and cause a dangerous situation.

We recommend that you always read the instruction manual that comes with the flamer to ensure that you are not overlooking any important safety measures while operating with the torch.

With these tips in mind, we hope you can use the weed torch safely and without endangering yourself or the plants in your yard.

How Effective Are Weed Torches?

Weed torches make excellent gifts for gardeners due to their ease of use and lightweight size. The best thing is that older adults will maintain their planting zeal by plucking up weeds with these torches.

If you’re unsure about the efficacy of cannabis torches, below are a few advantages of using these torches.

Disrupts the Traditionally Used Method of Weed Pulling

Have you ever considered how exhausting it is to manually remove weeds? If you have a wide field, manually pulling weeds is nearly impossible. You can also have back pain as a result of the constant bending, making this conventional technique unsuitable for older people as well.

You should breathe a sigh of relaxation now that weed torches have found their way into the gardening world. They save you time and effort by simplifying weed destruction. Weed torches will easily cover a large area and eliminate all weeds without endangering your health.

A More Convenient Alternative to Shovels

Shovels require less time to clear weeds than hand pulling. However, using a shovel for this cleaning method takes considerable work. Additionally, it will clean the soil by eradicating the earthworms that are essential for soil nutrition.

In brief, planting techniques need a great deal of energy to remove weeds, which is not an option for everybody. Whereas weed torches are effective and convenient for this reason.

RoundUp and Other Weed Killers Are Inadequate

While Roundup is the most frequently used pesticide, it is a harsh chemical and should not be used to destroy weeds. Thanks to the eco-friendly ecosystem created by weed torches, you will ensure the stable growth of your crop.

What is a more effective way to eradicate plants, then? You may have already deduced from these examples that cannabis torches face little rivalry. They are the most effective at eliminating weeds and relieving tension in a matter of seconds.

Keeping Safe When Torching Weeds

Clearly, using a flame to pick weeds is a little riskier than removing them manually. However, if you are careful, there are many approaches to guarantee your protection when using the torch. Several precautions you should take to ensure your wellbeing include the following:

  • Never use the blaze through times of inactivity. It is never a safe idea to combine dry weeds and grass with a blaze, which is why torches can be used mainly during wetter hours. Additionally, use it on calm days to avoid wildfires spreading to undesirable places.
  • Keep a safe distance from the flame edge. This may sound self-evident, but it is critical to note that the torch tip stays hot for a short period of time after the unit is switched off. It is important to stop touching this region and to keep it out of reach of pets and infants.
  • Maintain a safe distance between the blaze and the extension hose and reservoir. If your torch is equipped with an extension hose and a wider propane tank, avoid allowing the flame to come into contact with these objects, as they may catch fire and become incredibly hazardous.
  • Observe the manufacturer’s guidance. To ensure correct usage and protection, read the entire instruction manual before starting to use the torch.
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The Advantages of Weed Torches Over Conventional Weeding

Torches are particularly advantageous since they do not use any unnatural additives and are reasonably simple to use. Although those with disabilities or who are senior gardeners will normally use these torches with little difficulty. In comparison, gardeners had three conventional methods for weed control that were either inconvenient or harmful, including the following:

1 – Weeding by hand, independently

This can be a lengthy process if you have a wide region that needs weed removal. This is easy whether you have a little flower garden or just a few spare weeds. It is, though, far from desirable when vast fields of weeds are to be cleared. This is often almost impractical for senior citizens, who are physically incapable of bending and pulling weeds for long stretches of time.

2 – With the help of a garden hoe or shovel

Although this is a faster way than hand digging weeds, it also requires a great deal of unnecessary work which may be physically exhausting for others. Additionally, this helps to overwork the soil, which may result in a drop in earthworms, which are essential for healthy soil. Using garden tools to eradicate weeds now may result in poor crops later.

3 – Using a commercially available weed killer, such as RoundUp

This is one of the most popular, and possibly the worst, methods of weed removal. Herbicide resistance is the most often engineered GMO feature in food crops, according to the website, owing to the dramatic growth in RoundUp usage since 1996.

Indeed, this is the most commonly used pesticide currently available. While glyphosate has a low toxicity, it has been introduced and removed from the list of potential carcinogens on several occasions in recent years.

In general, the results have been inconsistent, and the consequences of weed killer are truly unknown. Avoiding these removal practices is suitable for keeping the garden as natural and clean as possible.

Positive feedback for weed torches

Lisa Reviews:

I’ve been using cannabis torches for many years and have experimented with three (3) separate brands. I just purchased a FlameKing torch and am incredibly pleased with it. The standard is much higher than any other I’ve used previously, and the price is about half that of the others. I just wish the bar was longer so that taller individuals would not have to bend over in order for the flame to hit the ground. Definitely will purchase again.

Marry Reviews:

I’ve been using this torch for almost three weeks and at least 30 minutes a day. I have a wide yard that had been neglected for some time and was overgrown with weeds. Each time I used this torch, it operated flawlessly and I was able to completely clear the grounds of weeds. I’d left the torch outdoors for a couple of days after a downpour, and when I returned, I was certain the lighter would no longer function. However, to my horror, it ignited the torch with a single push.


To summarize, we assume that you already have answers to all of your questions about pot torches. We began with a purchasing guide to assist you in selecting the correct model, accompanied by safety tips and instructions about how to operate the flamer. Additionally, we discussed why herb torches are the perfect method for eradicating weeds.

If you despise weed removal, simply purchase a weed torch for your garden and you’re set. Simply get out the flamer to eliminate the weeds and enjoy seeing the plants thrive.

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