Chromecast Keeps Disconnecting (This is How You Fix It!)

Just like any other WiFi-enabled gadget, the Google Chromecast streaming device might have problems with connectivity. There is a good chance that you may encounter disconnections on a regular basis.

Irritating and fast-paced, particularly if you’re in the midst of an episode of your favorite program or movie.

Good news is that the methods that are likely to repair your Chromecast are easy to follow.

I can’t get Chromecast to stay connected.

One of three things is wrong with your Chromecast when it keeps disconnecting. Some of these factors might be at play: the gadget may be outdated; your router may be experiencing Wi-Fi difficulties; or the device may be misused. Chromecast troubleshooting is easy no matter what the issue is.

When Chromecast disconnects, what’s causing it?

Chromecast comes in a variety of models.

You don’t have to worry about whatever Chromecast you have at home since these solutions work for all of them. It is possible for any of these Google products to have connectivity issues.

After determining the root cause of the issue, you may begin to fix it.

The three most common reasons why the Chromecast keeps disconnecting are as follows:

The gadget is outdated or obsolete

What is the date of purchase of your device?

Unfortunately, the lifetime of most Chromecast devices is short.

In general, you may anticipate it to last between two and three years.

Connectivity troubles may become more common at this point. It may be in your best interest to get a new one.

A newer smartphone may not be to fault if you’re still experiencing similar troubles. Before you buy a new Chromecast, try troubleshooting it first!

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Problems with Wi-Fi connectivity are being caused by the router.

Next, it’s possible that your router is to blame.

Using another device, such as a smartphone or a laptop, you may check the Wi-Fi. Unplugging a router for a few minutes can usually restart it.

Moving the router to the Chromecast device may also be necessary.

Devices located distant from the router may have difficulty connecting to the Wi-Fi since some routers have a restricted range. If you encounter this problem, it’s imperative that you take a look at it.

Keep your Chromecast at least 15 feet away from your network, according to Google.

An overuse of the Chromecast resulted

As a last thought, your Chromecast gadget may be overworked. Using the item for an extended period of time might lead it to malfunction or even overheat. For a few days, you’ll need to turn off your Chromecast.

After some time, you may discover that it works wonderfully.

It’s best to buy a new gadget as soon as possible if it doesn’t operate after shutting it down. Unless the hardware is in working order, it’s unlikely that a worn-out gadget can be repaired.

Quick Fixes for All Chromecast Devices.

In order to repair your Chromecast, you must first identify the problem. All of these basic fixes for recurrent connection errors may be found here.

Do a System Reboot

Restarting your gadget is always a good idea.

In many cases, all it takes to rebuild the relationship is a phone call.

During operation, press and hold the side button. The light will flash and change color. Then, press and hold the reset button until the light becomes white, and then release it.

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As a result of this, your device will be restarted and reconnected to the Internet.

Restart Your Router

After that, you may simply reboot your router to fix the problem.

In order to fix this problem, just disconnect your router from the wall and then reconnect it.

It may take some time for your router to connect to all of your devices.

Even if this doesn’t work, you should move the router and the Chromecast closer together to see if it helps.

The gadget may not be able to connect to the internet if it is too far away.

Take a Closer Look at Your Cables.

What kind of wires are you currently using?

It is common for Chromecast versions to include a power chord, a power supply socket, and an audio wire with the device itself. Using the wrong cords with your gadget might result in it malfunctioning.

Ordering more Chromecasts would be less expensive than purchasing a new one if you lose them!

Google Chrome should be updated

Finally, check sure you’re using the most latest version of the Google Chrome browser.

With an older browser, you may be unable to use the Chromecast with your laptop or PC.

Simply upgrade Google Chrome to the most current version in your browser’s settings and you’ll be good to go.

In order to use this method, you must be connected to a computer.

The Warranty is there for your benefit.

In the event of a problem with your Chromecast, you should take use of your warranty.

You may be able to get a replacement or have the gadget repaired.

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However, if the item fails to operate, you don’t want to lose your warranty!

Chromecasts are covered by a limited warranty from Google. An invoice or receipt may be required as “proof of purchase.”


There are a number of reasons why a Chromecast device may not be able to connect. Try these repairs in this sequence if your Chromecast keeps disconnecting:

  • Turn off and restart the Chromecast.
  • Restarting your Wi-Fi router
  • Close the distance between the router and the device.
  • Allow the Chromecast to sleep for a few hours before using it again.
  • Use the proper cabling for your project.
  • Your Google Chrome browser should be updated.
  • You may take it to a repair shop

If nothing works, you may wish to buy a second Chromecast to try again. It’s estimated that these gadgets would last two to three years, according to the search engine. They begin to degrade beyond that point. We recommend purchasing a new one when none of the preceding remedies work.

Thanks for reading, and we hope these solutions have helped you get back online. To help others, please leave a comment below if you were able to repair your Chromecast. It may be able to assist a user in repairing their own gadget.

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