Google Home “Something Went Wrong” (Easy Fix!)

While attempting to utilize your Google Home speaker, it might be frustrating to hear the “Something Went Wrong” warning repeated over and over again.

The good news is that this should be a straightforward repair.

An Error Occurred with Google Home – It’s Now Fixed!

There are a number of ways to solve the Google Home “Something Went Wrong” warning. Do so by pressing the little button situated underneath your smartphone for twenty seconds. A tone will sound after 20 seconds to signal that your device is about to restart, at which time you may remove the power button.

But if it doesn’t cure the problem, you’ll need to try some of the other options below.

These methods have worked for many users in the past and don’t need a lot of time or effort to implement.

Google Home may be factory reset.

The most probable cure for the “Something went wrong” problem is to do a factory reset on your Google Home.

The device’s data and settings will be erased and restored to their original state if you do this action. Everything you own will be lost, but the gadget is likely to function again.

You will need to press and hold the reset button on your gadget for roughly 20 seconds to get it working again.

There is a tone you will hear when the speaker resets after this period of time. You may release your beautiful finger from the reset button as soon as the sound is heard.

It doesn’t take long to reactivate your Google Home. However, if you have many custom preferences stored on your device, it might still be a nuisance.

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It’s still a better alternative than having to buy a new speaker!

Resetting the Google Home is a problem.

After factory resetting their smartphone, several customers still had problems. As an example, after saying “Hey Google” or trying to factory reset, the speaker didn’t respond.

If you’re encountering similar issues, you may be able to get around the problem by doing a factory reset on your device.

Once the Google home has been unplugged for 10 seconds, plug it back in and thenwait for all four lights on the top to light up.

To get the best results, you must repeat this 10 times!

It’s hard to believe, but this solution is a direct product of Google. Inconvenient but at least better than having to purchase a new device.

Bring Google Home back up and running

Next, restart your Google Home to see if it helps.

This causes the device to detach and rejoin to the WiFi network. Restarting the speaker may also help if the problem is with the speaker itself.

Google Home may be restarted by holding down the microphone’s mute button for 15 seconds, then pressing the power button.

Unplugging the power cable from the socket and letting the gadget rest before connecting it back in may also help.

Finally, you may reset your Google Home speaker from inside the Google Home app on your mobile device.

Enter the Settings menu in the Google Home app by tapping the speaker’s name. There, hit the “More” option to go to more information about your account. There will be a reboot option in that menu.

If restarting the Google Home speaker doesn’t help, you may want to look into your WiFi connection as a possible cause.

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Make Sure Your Internet Is Working

You should always verify your internet connection if one of your gadgets fails to function.

Your internet speed may be tested using online tests and bandwidth measurements.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) might also distort your Google Home’s connection. It may be necessary to turn off the device’s VPN in order for it to function properly.

A quick reboot of the router might help if Google Home isn’t responding to commands correctly.

It’s possible that the WiFi connection is broken, or that the router is malfunctioning.

Take out the router and plug it back in for five minutes, then let it to reestablish a connection with your Google Home when it’s restarted.

Try Changing the Language on Your Device First

Your Google Home may be misunderstood if you have a different language set up in your device.

Obviously, you want to keep it in your own tongue, but you should also look at choices for other countries. It’s possible to detect a few occurrences of English in the Assistant settings, for example.

Using the English UK speech options if you’re an American may cause confusion for your device because of the difference in accents.

You may change your language settings by opening the Google Home app and clicking the favicon in the top right corner. It is now time to go to the Assistant settings and look for “Languages.”

Get in touch with our Customer Support team

We also recommend contacting Google Customer Support.

If you ever have an issue with your equipment, the corporation has a team of experts ready to help. Check to see what sort of Google Home you have, what’s wrong with it, and when you purchased it.

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In addition, you should inform the member of the team about the problem message that appeared on your computer screen.

They should then provide you with troubleshooting alternatives or ask you to return the gadget for repair.

Despite the fact that calling customer service is never enjoyable, Google is extremely responsive and expeditious. You’ll be able to locate what you’re looking for.


Hundreds of thousands of Google Home users have encountered the “Google Home Something Went Wrong” issue. Since your gadget doesn’t truly tell you what the issue is, dealing with this error message might be a bit of a hassle.

There are a number of troubleshooting methods you may use to solve it:

  • The gadget may be factory reset.
  • Bring Google Home back up and running.
  • Make sure your internet connection is working properly.
  • Change the language of the gadget.
  • Contact the company’s customer service department for assistance.

Assuming none of the above remedies work, you may want to look into the possibility of using a warranty to replace the speaker.

Please tell us if any of these solutions worked for you. Let us know what you did in the comments!

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