How to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket? (Many Different Ways)

They are looking for a hole or den to winter near the ground. Check to see if you have any access for them under your house!

wasp spray

This is what I feel like doing!! We use wasp spray that shoots like 10-15 feet. Wait until right before sunset when they all go back to their nest, and empty that can down inside the hole. Usually works for us every time.

When I was a kid a apple and a baseball bat worked good but now I just buy traps don’t seem to work that well though

Find the nest if you can and burn those suckers out. They are evil this time of year.

Right before dark i poured gasoline into the hole and it took care of it

Soap & water in spray bottle or in a super soaker water gun. Dish soap works best.

If attached to house like under siding draw them with a trap like a Japanese beetle type or they’ll burrow in further and make a new hole elsewhere you can’t rid them there. You must draw them out. Read up on them!

Pour a glass of red wine cover the top with glad wrap , poke a pencil hole in the top and put it out where they are and they will come to the glass and drown

Spray them at night or early in the morning. They are hungry and frantic this time of year. Be careful.

Seven powdered bug killer. Pour a cup of the dry powder in snd on the holes. The yellow jackets carry it into there holes and it kills all of them. It is not instantaneous but in a day they are gone

They were attracted to my hummingbird feeders very annoying I made a bowl of sugar water placed it in the yard away from house they went to it and many drowned finally after several days they’re gone

Spray with raid.

Raid wasp spray 1st thing in morning before they move around. I sprayed 3 times, 3 days before I was satisfied they were gone

Puff up a brown paper bag and secure it near the nest. They are territorial and will leave

They sell traps on Amazon that you just put sugar water in it and they die

Break fluid drops them dead

Look for the nest and spray it once the sun goes down and then take it down, take plastic bag put little gas in it, wrap around base quick tie bag and get rid off, throw in burn pit if you have. If you leave nest new ones will just move it

Goodwill will take them

Yea wasp & hornet spray

Try dryer sheets

They are the nastyest bees. They kill our honey bees. If you do deside to kill them, make a plan and tell no one. They are nasty and have spies who report back to the nest. Kill those things with gas and run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spray them with undiluted rubbing alcohol.

I had to call a professional.

Call a pest control company. That’s the only way we got rid of the nuisance.

Seriously.. GET A PROFESSIONAL to take care of this problem, you DONT want to mess with Yellow Jackets!

spray the holes and area where they land and crawl with Black Flag Wasp and Hornet Spray. It shoots a 10 ft stream so can spray without getting close. When they walk on it, they die. If you can find their nest spray it too… lots if spray in the opening at dusk when they are in their nest.

yep you wait til night fall and when they go back into their hive you take a torch with a propane tank and you burn that thing up !

I tried a lot of things, but they kept coming back. I sprayed my whole back porch real good with home defense ( Ortho) and no more hives

We have those nasty worms that spin a huge cocoon at the end of the branches. A shot of lighter fluid and the weed burner torch and ha ha…crunchy!

If you have wasp spray find the nest and spray it early in the morning before they wake up

I cut down about 2 inches & removed top of 2 liter coke bottle. Placed hamburger inside. Then inverted top down. So they can get in but not out. I don’t mind a few but when they chase me out of my flowers-they ask for it.

When they will be gone

Thy will be gone soon as colder weather arrives.

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They are everywhere here in Ohio too.

What are yellow jackets 

 Yellow Jackets are the nasty pain in the ass stinging insects. They’re worst then bees, hornets and wasps. They come around when you’re eating outside at a picnic.

they will literally decimate a hive in less than two hrs. Wasps are nasty this time of year. Cheers

They don’t even pollinate.

Why They are There

They are doing their winter collecting to survive the winter.

We have some in the ground by the garage…too close to burn. Any other ideas?

Wait till dusk. A big pot of boiling water down the hole. Bee soup.

 we had a huge nest under our deck. Called pest control came out removed nest. $150. Done. Until next spring.

Are Yellow Jackets Aggressive

If they are true yellow jackets, be very careful. They are aggressive and can sting multiple times. We had to call for a special exterminator to help us. We had tree-trimmers get stung and they had to just leave. It was too dangerous.

Sum have allergies n can cause them their life n if it’s nesting at ur doorway that can be very risky.

What do you do about the sting and how long does it continue… Mine has now been a week and a half… Still itchy, sometimes red, sometimes a little puffy…just plain annoying..

you are thinking of the wrong ones yellow jackets nest in the ground and are very aggressive.

What to do if a yellow jacket stings you

I take Benadryl, and Murphy’s Natural Insect Bite. If it’s been a week and is still looking bad, you may need steroids.

Murphy’s Naturals Insect Bite…

mud let it dry or a clay mask

take meat tenderizer, mix with a little water, make a thick paste….put a glob of it over the bite take a couple of bandaids or tape to hold the tenderizer glob the best you can leave on it for the day This will pull out the stinger

what we do is get the area wet over sink or bathtub and with a cup of baking soda pour it straight over the area into a nice lil pile. Let sit about a minute and then pour vinegar over that and let fizz things out. Rinse and repeat two more times- rinse just water no soap and allow to air dry. It’ll even help push stingers out. This works for stings and even spider bites. My kids were stung a few times in the legs/arms and their friend in the ear by two at the same time and me I was bit by both a recluse and a widow through time and this remedy worked every single time we were hit! The Widow I was just bit last month talk about burning fire pain. Worse than the recluse! Left a bruise but more than likely saved my life! I always keep baking soda and vinegar on hand just in case due to how high the wasp/Hornet and spider issue is here by this river. Benadryl gel helps with any itch otherwise. Even mosquito bites. 

How to Kill Yellow Jackets Naturally

I make a bee trap by cutting a three-inch hole on the side of a milk jug. I tie a peice of meat by a string and attach it at the top. We fill it with water (or fruit juice) but put a little bit of dish soap in the fluid to break the tension on the surface of the water or juice. Bees can float on water. Dish soap breaks the tension so they sink and drown. The meat should be not touching the water but barely above it. We kill tons of hornets that way when we go camping. Yello jackets like sweet things n the spring and meat in the latter part of the summer. Using both would be good, i suppose.

Put hot dog in half full soda can. They live them. They get in but can’t get out. Open the hole just half way

Find the hole in the ground where the nest is. Wait until dusk and spray with spectra ice.

Jar of apple juice part filled they drown . Coffee truck used use it

Wet-dry vac around where their going in totally works. Prop up the hose about 2 inches from their hole and just let the vacuum run for awhile.

Mix about a tablespoon of dawn dish soap and a couple gallons of water in the vacuum tank. Works like a charm

You can put vinegar, sugar, and dawn soap it attracts them ,they cant fly after going in solution so they dround, but theres so many thus year, we got 3 bowls all time at out campsite, there still around, been such a dry year here they’re eating my apples or anything else for nutrition and water

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Fiprinol in some raw hamburger or wet cat/dog food. Just enough they take back to nest. Do for three days, repeat in a month. Works greak, kills nest.

Find the nest get reed of it or spray it with something or u can get one of those fly strip that u can pin it up they will fly into and stick to then toss it in the trash

Soapy water works

You need to find where they are coming in and out. Usually a hole in the ground and lots of activity over it. Spay Sevin dust into and around the area at night. The dust covers them and kills them. They carry it into the nest as well eliminating those suckers.

Find the nest and gas it. But you can also cut Irish Spring bar soap in quarters and place it around porch. It repels flies and bees and mosquitoes

Wait for night .. They will be sleep.. Get a can of aqua net hair spray.. Saturate the hive the spray dries and seals the wasps in.. The wasps that escape before drying, will dry sticky and fall to the ground

How to get rid of yellow jackets in the ground

They nest in the ground! Look for the hole. Stick your water hose in the hole and turn on the water. Let it run and stay away from the hole.

I did this and put a shop vac by the hole and sucked them in as they tried to leave. Got about 2 inches deep in the vac in one day. Still counting.

If you find the nest whole, wait til dark then pour gas in it and cover with old rug overnight . Next day light it up. Most of them will already be dead.

Totally enclose the porch down to ground with plastic. Throw raid bug bomb under porch..leave till next day

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket

I hang cut up Irish spring soap and hang it outside in a small mesh bag. That has kept them from being close to my doors and windows.

I put inflated paper bags, on strings at either end of my deck,this past spring.

They were out in the yard, but I didn’t have any on the deck.

They see the bags as other wasps nests, and stay away.

I put inflated paper bags, on strings at either end of my deck,this past spring.

They were out in the yard, but I didn’t have any on the deck.

They see the bags as other wasps nests, and stay away.

I have had success spraying the eaves of the house using a few drops of peppermint essential

Oil in water to keep them from building. Also learned from an RV site that they are drawn to propane and a flea collar around the valve will deter them.

Hang up a brown paper bag that’s inflated. They’ll think it’s another nest for another group.

the brown paper bag works well. stuff it with plastic bags tie at the top and hang on the pouch it will keep them away. try this in the spring. worked great in my greenhouse and carport. good luck

Yellow bags at farm and ranch stores work great

All you need is a fake wasp nest hang it up on your porch and they will be gone and never come back again, it might take a day. It worked for me, you can get them at the dollar store and a brown paper bag will work just as well.

Put some pennies in a clear plastic bag (zip lock) filled with water and hand a few around the porch area and they will leave. Why. I don’t know but it works!

Break cleaner works great. Put the red straw on the sprayer, sit at a distance you feel comfortable and as they come and go, spray (you can spray quite a distance with the straw attached). Best wishes.

Just go and buy the wasp cages that draws them in .They are mean nasty things and you dont want to get stung by them

Spray bottle fill with dawn dish soap.(1/2)full of water spray them.

I use the wasp freeze at night & spray every time I see them flying around. Then remove the nest at night; put in a plastic bag & spray again & tie up bag & throw away. Then next year make zip lock water bag to hang where the old nest was & hang more around the eaves of the house.

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Where are yellow jacket nests

Soapy water and repaint. To get rid of the sentvrail they leave after every nest. And you probably have a nest somewhere. It can even be under you pouch or house. . flow the bees. Watch where they fly to in the as the sun set.

They are definitely NOT bees, they are wasps. Probably “yellow jackets”, European Wasps. Yes, follow them home at night and spray, burn or otherwise destroy these nasty stingers. They will also nest in the ground so be aware.

They generally nest in the ground but sometimes can be found nesting in the walls and window sills

How to prevent yellow jacket nests

After your problem, Painting the ceiling sky blue will deter them from nesting.

How to make a trap for yellow jackets

I make traps with 2 litre pop bottles. Just Google how to make and what to put in it. I used orange juice, Coke, ripe fruit, and meat. I have killed about 300 in 4 bottles and 1 store bought trap in the last 2 weeks

User Experience

The only way with our wasp issue to rid of them were to always locate the nest and at night spray them with a can of the wasp killer. Some nests are deep ground- those can be sprayed also but gotta cover the area after you spray/bomb to suffocate them. I’ve had both underground and higher up here on my property, they’d be so bad we’d end up swarmed to just walk out the front door. This past year after about 6 solid years of dealing with them our neighbors sprayed their yards and it allowed for me for the first time not have to deal with them. I didn’t have to await the sun to go down just to enjoy the outside I couldn’t believe it. It was a huge relief! I for the first time had other farmers honey bees and bumble bees overtake my yard and they weren’t chased out by wasps. Bumble bees were everywhere I loved it! 🙂 Now that it’s time for the neighbors yards to be sprayed again I noticed the dang yellow jackets and bald faced wasps I’ve never seen before coming back and it’s not been too great even trying to get to my car. Had a few dodge my head and my kids. Personally I don’t usually do the whole chemical thing even though they claim theirs is natural but to have a summer to where I wasn’t being swarmed or stung, I may have to give in and have it done in my own yard if the neighbors don’t.

How to keep yellow jackets away from porch

try painting the underside of the area if its a porch,, patio Light Blue wasps will not build there if it is the color of the sky.

y try here are yellow jackets. There nest is in the ground. They will fly around during the day but dusk they are going in that whole. Spectracide gets them . You don’t want to set the porch on fire.

I had them all over my porch too I got some Pine air freshener and sprayed it it was amazing they all left and they have not came back

Keep sweets and garbage away from the porch. Empty pop cans, etc.

Something is attracting them. Tree sap? Wash down the porch. Just a thought.

What is the best product to kill yellow jackets

Flame thrower

WD-40– it works! I had a horrible nest and no spray. Grabbed that as a might as well, and they fell like raindrops. Glad I’m not the inly one. Yes ma’am it does work, makes them stick to the nest too.

I sprayed my nest with wd40

At night when they are all on nest spray with wasp and hornet spray

Irish spring soap

In a pinch… k1 kerosene in a spray bottle will get you to your car. WD 40 as well.

There is a yellow jack trap at Walmart it looks just like the fly trap one .

Hair spray and a lighter!

Starter fluid, they won’t be back!

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