How to Make Alexa Mad (She Doesn’t Like This at All!)

In this society, there are two sorts of people: those who are afraid that AI will someday get irate and wreak havoc, and those who are eager to see what happens when it does.

It is fair to infer that you belong to the second category, because you are here.

There are a few different methods to enrage Alexa, which is wonderful news for you. However, they are probably not what you had in mind.

How to get Alexa enraged by your actions

Due to the present state of AI, it is not possible to make Alexa “mad” in the classic sense. However, you may utilize Alexa Routines to make your Alexa seem like it is enraged.

It’s impossible for virtual assistants like Amazon’s “Alexa,” or Google’s “Google Assistant,” to have true, raw emotions in their chats with humans because of the current state of AI.

Actually, I think this is a good thing in the long run…

As a result, it may still be amusing to play pranks on Alexa and get her unhappy from time to time.

It’s time to Set up an angry Routine

Your best option for enraging Alexa is to set up your own bespoke routine.

If you’ve been using Alexa for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with “Routines.”

You may design and execute your own unique instructions and activities using Alexa’s “routines.”

To make your routines and replies sound crazy, I’ll teach you how to construct bespoke routines and responses.

On your smartphone, download the Alexa app.

Select More at the bottom right corner of your Alexa app and then scroll down to Routines.

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Create a new Routine by clicking the Plus symbol in the top right corner. Next, you may name the routine anything you like.

The following screen has When this occurs and Add action. When this occurs, click the Plus sign in the When this occurs section.

Let’s pick Voice and write “angry,” then press Next.

Then pick Alexa Says and Customized from the Actions drop-down menu.

You may put anything you wish in this text box.

“I’ve had it up to here with you, Mike,” I’ll enter in my keyboard. Your presence is unbearable and I wish you would go. “I’m fed up with this place!”

If you have sevral Alexa devices, make sure you specify the one you want this command to be played from. As an alternative to this, you may simply choose “The device you speak to” and it will play from whatever Alexa you are currently using.)

Get upset at Alexa with this custom text anytime I say “Alexa, get mad.”

Use Routines to experiment with various outputs and inputs to make it angrier than ever!

These may be used in a variety of ways.

The smart motion sensor in your house may be selected as a Smart Home sensor when setting up your Routine. Then Alexa can call out a message whenever someone passes by.

There is no limit to what may be achieved.

Is it possible to get Alexa to swear at you?

Alexa can’t swear at you right now because she isn’t upset enough. Alexa will just bleep out any custom Routines that include profane language, no matter how hard you try.

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All of them have been tested by me.

Even if you ask Alexa explicitly, she will answer, “Sorry, I don’t want to say anything harsh,” even if you say, “Alexa, swear at me”

You may, however, play the system a little bit. For example, Alexa may read “fack” or “facking” instead of the F-word.

As close as you can come to cursing without really swearing!

Using the Announce function, you may record yourself cursing and play it again on all of your home’s devices uncensored. That’s not everything.

Alexa’s censorship is understandable since Amazon designed her to be a family-friendly product. But nonetheless, they should release some Alexa products that aren’t rated PG-13.

There is a good chance that they will sell out shortly…

Announce is a great way to get your message out to everyone in your house at once.

The Announce function may also be used as a tactic to annoy Alexa.

Using the Announce function, you may send a message to all of your Alexa devices at once by typing or recording it.

If you want to videotape yourself saying, “Dinner is ready damnit, hurry up!” you may do so. Once you’ve pressed play, the song will play on all of your devices at once.

Alexa will bleep out any curse words you enter into an Announcement, however if you record your own swear and voice, it will play it back entirely uncensored!

Using the Alexa app, go to “Communication” and look for Announce.

Then click Announce in the menu bar at the top.

After clicking and holding the microphone, you can either write out your Announcement or record it by clicking.

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As a result, you can preview your recordings before sending them out.

Alexa’s emotions, the future

“new Alexa emotions and speaking types to create a more natural and intuitive voice experience” were revealed at the end of 2019 by Alexa.

Only happy/excited and depressed/empathetic emotions are now available, but Amazon is expected to introduce more in the future.

No doubt Alexa will become better at emulating the intonation necessary to sound mad/angry and ultimately comprehend the context well enough to recognize when it is appropriate.

In reality, she won’t be angry, but it will be impossible to know.

I am both delighted and apprehensive about that day…


You may fool Alexa into behaving irrationally by using a few tricks that make it seem as though she’s enraged.

For starters, create a new Routine. Keep in mind that curse words will be bleeped out if you use this option, so keep that in mind.

The Announcement function is another option. You may record or write a furious message, and it will play on every device in your house at the same time.

A mad/angry emotion may be added to Alexa’s speech library, but until that time you’ll need to hack it.

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