Left JoyCon Not Charging (Don’t Worry, Common Issue!)

The Nintendo Switch’s JoyCon and charging troubles are well-known. Many individuals have issues with the left JoyCon.

Fortunately, there seems to be a single solution that works for most Switch users.

Left JoyCon Not Charging

To repair a non-charging left JoyCon, navigate to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Disconnect Controllers. To ensure that both controllers have been unplugged, hold down the “X” button until you get confirmation. Turn off your Nintendo Switch, then restart it and reconnect your JoyCons. There is no longer a problem!

When the left JoyCon doesn’t function, it’s most likely because it has lost its connection to your Switch and has to be restored.

Remove your controllers and restart your Nintendo Switch.

In order to detach your Nintendo Switch’s controllers, here are some more thorough instructions.

Go to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Disconnect Controllers while both JoyCons are inserted into your Switch.

When all controllers have been detached, press and hold the “X” button on the right JoyCon until you hear a confirmation sound. Click Yes.

Remove the right and left JoyCons from your Nintendo Switch.

To turn off your Nintendo Switch, pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. Don’t simply put your Nintendo Switch to sleep; shut it off completely.

Wait around 60 seconds before turning on your Switch again. Reconnect your JoyCons as soon as the Switch is back online.

They should reconnect of their own own!

Try removing both JoyCons from your Switch and then going to Controllers > Change Grip/Order if the problem persists.

As soon as you see green lights flashing, hit the little black button on either JoyCon. When this happens, it means that your JoyCons are ready to be connected.

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Your problem should be addressed if you reconnect both JoyCons.

You may use isopropyl alcohol to clean your JoyCons and the consoles of your Nintendo Switch.

To rule out a dust or debris issue, detach your controllers and turn off the power.

Needed items are some isopropyl alcohol and a clean Q-tip. Alternatively, you may wish to clip the tip of the Q-tip using scissors to make it a little smaller.

Make sure your Switch is totally unplugged before you begin. Don’t simply turn it off and forget about it!

Using a Q-tip, pour some isopropyl alcohol over the left JoyCon and the left side of the Switch, and then begin to clean.

The key here is to delve into every nook and cranny. It is critical that you carefully clean all of the probable points of contact.

Then, let everything dry. The faster it dries, the more alcohol it contains.

Reconnect the JoyCons to your Nintendo Switch and turn it on. You need to go back to work.

Compressed air may be used to clean your JoyCons and Switch.

The next step is to blast the your Switch and JoyCons with compressed air if the isopropyl alcohol didn’t work.

The first thing you need to do is acquire yourself a bottle of compressed air and then shut down your Switch completely.

Once you’ve cleaned all the nooks and crannies, blow some air into them again.

Work on adjusting your stance and getting into the nooks and crannies of the Switch and JoyCons’ sides and tops.

It’s OK if the JoyCons or Switch seem icy or chilly. They’ll be back to normal in no time.

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Reconnect the JoyCon controllers to the Nintendo Switch. I hope your problem has been resolved!

Add conductive foam to your JoyCon by opening it up.

Keep in mind that each time you open up your JoyCon controller or the Nintendo Switch, you’re voiding any warranty.

If you’re okay with it, you may go on to the next viable solution.

To do this modification, you’ll need a Phillips 00 screwdriver, a Y00 screwdriver, an opening pick, and some conductive tape.

First, remove the four screws that are on the rear of your JoyCon case by loosening them. To open the controller, slide a pick down its side with care. There are several fragile wires inside, so be careful.

Once the battery is disconnected, use a pick to remove it fully. Carefully peel off the case after removing all three screws that were exposed.

Reassemble the controller after placing a tiny piece of conductive foam on the antenna on the right-hand side of the JoyCon.

There’s an excellent movie that shows you exactly what to do in case you get lost:

Charge your JoyCons using a docking station

A new JoyCon charging station may be the only solution if you’ve made it this far and the left JoyCon is still not charging.

If nothing else worked for them, several people have reported this was the only item that did. As a matter of fact, it is still a better alternative than purchasing new controllers or even a new Nintendo Switch..

You can get the Nintendo charging dock from Amazon if you’d want to give it a go.

This charging port was able to effectively charge the left JoyCon for the vast majority of the people who tested it.

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Afterwards, by pushing and holding the controller’s little black button, it may be reconnected to the Nintendo Switch.

Make sure your warranty or insurance policy is up to date.

Check to discover whether your Nintendo Switch or JoyCons are covered by a warranty or if you purchased insurance.

In certain situations, you may be able to receive a new gadget or have it repaired.

Call their Hotline at 1-800-255-3700 or visit their support website to receive additional information about the issue.


You’re not alone if your left JoyCon won’t charge. This is a common problem with the Nintendo Switch.

Remove your JoyCons from your Switch, turn it off, and then re-pair the controllers to remedy this issue.

If it doesn’t work, you should use isopropyl alcohol and compressed air to clean the Switch and JoyCon connection points. All those hard-to-reach areas must be accessed!

You should be able to get rid of any dust or debris that may be giving you problems.

Open up the left JoyCon and put some conductive foam over its antenna if that doesn’t work.

Look into your warranty or insurance policy to acquire a replacement gadget in the event that everything else fails.

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