Vizio TV Won’t Turn On (You Should Try This Fix FIRST)

There is a common issue with Vizio TVs that causes them to just not turn on.

There are several reports from Vizio TV users who claim to have experienced this issue – some say they’ve been dealing with it for years!

About 80 percent of Vizio TVs won’t turn on may be fixed with a simple procedure.

The Vizio TV won’t turn on

You need to reset your Vizio TV if it won’t turn on. After unplugging your TV from the wall, wait 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Plug the Vizio TV back in when the 60 seconds are complete. Your TV should be able to turn itself back on after a gentle reset like this!

Remove the Vizio TV’s power cord from the wall.

When your Vizio TV won’t come on, the most typical solution is to disconnect it from the power outlet.

The most important thing here is to wait the whole 60 seconds.

Make sure it’s been at least a minute since you unplugged it before plugging it back in.

As a result of this easy action, the TV may reset itself. Isn’t this a little more complicated than just pressing the power button?

You should be able to turn on the TV as soon as you connect it back in.

About 80% of the time, this remedy will do the job; the other 20%, however, may prove more difficult.

You may attempt the following repairs if you still can’t get your Vizio TV to switch back on:

Remove the battery pack from the Vizio remote control

Take out the batteries in your remote if unplugging and re-plugging the TV doesn’t work.

Make careful to remove both batteries from the remote before starting the process.

Hold the power button on your remote for 15 seconds after removing the batteries. Do this for a whole 15 seconds this time around! Instead of five seconds, let 15 to elapse!

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Turn on the TV again when the entire 15 seconds have elapsed and put the batteries back in the remote.

It should be able to turn itself back on.

The factory reset option is recommended if any of the two procedures above fixes your Vizio TV power problem for a few days or weeks, but the problem reappears again a few days or weeks later.

Vizio TVs may be factory reset.

Unplugging or removing remote batteries may have momentarily powered the TV, so click on the Menu button to bring up the options.

You should see a “System” option in the menu. Click it.

Go to the menu and choose “Restore TV to Factory Settings” and “Reset & Admin”.

In certain cases, the Vizio TV requires a code to be entered before resetting the television.

A default code of 0000 will be used in this case.

Your Vizio TV will be returned to its factory default settings if you do this.

The Vizio TV may be factory reset without a remote

You may factory reset your Vizio TV even if you don’t have access to the remote.

To accomplish this, locate the TV’s power button. Right, left or bottom? It’s a matter of the model you have and where it is located.

Hold down the source and volume buttons as well on the TV while the device is turned on. Your TV will inform you to press as well as hold the input button after a few seconds.

For at least 10 seconds, press and hold the input button.

The TV will be turned off, rebooted, and factory resetted as a result of this. About a minute or so is all it takes to restart and reset your computer.

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If you haven’t fixed your power difficulties by now, I’ve listed a few more things you may try before calling it quits.

Reconnect the Vizio TV’s power cable from the rear

You may also try unplugging the TV’s power cable from the rear if that doesn’t work.

Plug it back in after around 60 seconds of unplugging.

Plug it back in and check sure the connection is secure! Having a tight connection is critical to ensuring that the TV receives steady power, so you don’t want this loose at all.

In order to turn on the TV, use the TV power button, not your remote control!

Let’s hope you get to see the TV working again soon.

Try plugging into a different outlet

You may want to try connecting your Vizio TV into another socket in your house if you haven’t had any success before.

We don’t always know whether an outlet has a short or a blown fuse.

Instead of lugging your TV around, you might just plug another smaller device into the socket you’re attempting to use for your television.

In this case, if you observe that gadget start up, you may rule out the outlet as the source of your problem.

Another useful troubleshooting procedure that should be quickly ruled out as a possibility is this.

Replacement of the electric power source

A last option if nothing else has worked but you still want to retain your Vizio television is sending it in for repair.

Make sure your TV’s standby light is on before you proceed. If it is, then your power supply board is most likely functioning properly, and you may skip this step.

Your power board is most likely damaged or dead if you have no standby light and no power. A power surge might easily be to blame for this.

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Although Vizio TVs have a reputation for having broken or weak power supply, the good news is that they only cost approximately 65 dollars to fix (assuming you’re prepared to remove it from the TV yourself).

Detailed instructions for dismantling the power supply of a Vizio TV are provided below.

To remove the TV’s shell and, eventually, the power supply, you’ll have to unscrew every screw on the back of the device.

A dangerous move since this may not be the root source of your power problems. Let us know if you’re still up for the challenge:


When it comes to electricity, Vizio TVs may be a little picky. Fixes to attempt if your Vizio TV won’t turn on:

  • Wait 60 seconds after unplugging your television from the wall.
  • For 15 seconds, press and hold the power button on your remote to remove the batteries.
  • With or without your remote, you may do a factory reset on your television.
  • Reinstall the television’s power cord.
  • Switching to a new power outlet may solve the problem.
  • Get a new power board for your television.

When everything else fails, you may want to check your warranty to see whether it’s still valid, since if it is, you’ll have to purchase a new TV.

Let me know if this helps you repair your Vizio television. Leave a comment if you’ve had success with anything else!

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