YouTube Not Working on Roku (It’s Most Likely Because of This!)

You can utilize any TV as a smart TV with a Roku streaming device. Many streaming applications, such as YouTube, are available for download. However, what happens if the YouTube app on your Roku device stops working?

There are a number of simple remedies that you may attempt at home to remedy the issue. Here’s how to repair your Roku right now:

Roku Unable to Play YouTube Videos

Restarting your Roku is the only solution if YouTube won’t function. On the Roku remote, press the home button five times. Rewind two times, and then press the up arrow once. Press the fast forward button a second time to complete the process. This will cause a system reboot.

Allow the Roku to reconnect for a few minutes once it has restarted. If everything goes well, YouTube should now be working properly for you.

The YouTube servers may be unavailable.

Whether YouTube still doesn’t function on Roku, you need to check to see if the YouTube servers are down.

Despite the fact that this doesn’t happen as often as it formerly did, it’s still possible. Additionally, you may check YouTube on your smartphone or laptop to see if it’s unavailable.

If the servers are down, you can only wait for them to re-open. To have a better idea of when YouTube will be back up and running, monitor the site on social media, like Twitter. You may also look to sites like Downdetector for further details.

But if YouTube isn’t functioning on your Roku, you may try the following troubleshooting steps to see whether the site is down.

A Wi-Fi Router Check

You can’t watch YouTube on your Roku if your network is not operating properly. Check your Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets, such as your smartphone, at home.

There is a problem with the router if they are not connecting.

Unplugging and re-plugging the router is all that is required. While the router is still resetting, it should be able to run YouTube on a Roku.

Devices that broadcast video to your TV over slow connections may have trouble seeing the video you want to see.

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A connection test may be done if this doesn’t resolve the issue. Your Roku might benefit from moving the router a few feet closer.

We recommend contacting your internet service provider’s customer support line in the event of continued internet connection issues.

Make sure that your Roku is up to date

You may encounter a variety of problems with your Roku if the software on your device is out of current.

In order to fix this issue, check the settings menu for any Roku OS upgrades.

After pressing Home on your remote, scroll up or down till you see System and then choose it.

Go to the System tab, then click on the System Update button.

Keep your Roku up to date with the latest software by regularly updating it. Make sure your YouTube app always is compatible with the Roku by doing this.

You may also want to check the YouTube app for updates while you’re at it. Roku’s current operating system may not be compatible with older versions.

Remove and reinstall

The last option is to reinstall the YouTube app if the other repairs fail.

Find your YouTube app on the Roku main screen. Open the Channel Menu by pressing the “*” button on your remote.

Only the YouTube app should be deleted, not the YouTube TV app; this is a safety precaution. This conflict between YouTube TV and Roku may be found in the following section. YouTube TV will not be reinstalled on your Roku TV once you delete it.

That’s when the Remove Channel button will show up. Wait for it to be removed from your device after clicking OK.

The Roku should be turned off and back on following this. You may just return to the Streaming Channels section as well as reinstall YouTube from this point forth.

You’ll want to put it through its paces straight immediately. You should be good to go! There are a few remedies you may try if the app is continually loading and buffering.

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Take a look at the YouTube TV App.

For streaming devices like the Roku, the YouTube TV app is the best option.

You may find it by searching for it in the Streaming Channels section of your device. For the app to show up on your homepage, click Add Channel.

In the meanwhile, if you don’t currently install the YouTube TV app on the Roku TV, you won’t be able to install it until the contract issue is resolved. To learn more about that disagreement, go here.

Using the YouTube TV app is preferable than using the YouTube mobile app for many users. When it comes to utilizing your Roku, there aren’t many changes between the two, but you can still watch all of your beloved YouTube videos.

However, depending on your current Roku, you could also be able to view YouTube TV directly from your app.

Contract Dispute between Roku and YouTube TV

This is more relevant to those that use YouTube TV, but I think it’s worth noting.

It was back in April 2021 that YouTube and Roku contract discussions fell down, and Roku finally cancelled the relationship.

Roku customers who previously had the YouTube TV app loaded before to April of this year, ought to be OK and the app will continue to function.

After April 2021, if you try to download the YouTube TV app, you won’t be allowed to do so.

For now, YouTube has implemented a workaround that enables users to watch YouTube TV through the YouTube app.

So, if you want to watch YouTube TV on your Roku TV, all you have to do is download the YouTube app instead of the YouTube TV app.

There are still discussions happening on between Roku and YouTube, so we’ll see what happens!

Use the YouTube TV app on your mobile device instead of the YouTube app on the Roku TV if you’re experiencing problems with the YouTube app on your Roku. Until an agreement is struck, you may use this workaround.

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Lower the Streaming Quality of the Video.

The streaming quality should be reduced if the videos aren’t loading or are taking a long time to buffer.

Your connection may not be able to manage the bandwidth demands of high-resolution videos.

Open the Roku home page and then the settings menu to reduce the video quality. In the Display Type area, you should be able to locate it. Reduce the video resolution to 720p.

Alternatively, you may wish to try “Auto Detect,” which allows the device to automatically alter the resolution. Video buffering may be alleviated by decreasing the settings.


Roku users may access YouTube via a variety of methods. For now, you may attempt these remedies to get it back to working order:

Restarting the Roku device is necessary.

Check to see whether YouTube’s servers are experiencing problems.

Restarting the Wi-Fi router is the best solution.

Install the most recent version of Roku OS on your device.

Reinstalling the YouTube app should do the trick.

Try out the YouTube TV app on your smartphone or tablet.

Roku is embroiled in a contract conflict with YouTube TV

Reducing the streaming quality is a simple solution.

Did you discover a solution that works for you? Keep in mind the importance of leaving a comment on this page and letting us know how you fixed your Roku!

There may be more fixes that we haven’t covered. Please let us know if you come across one. What did you do in order to get the YouTube app to run on the Roku device?

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